Opera Ventures' Unique Approach

Putting philanthropy directly onto the stage.

Sharing the opportunity and the risk.

Opera Ventures takes a leading role in encouraging arts organisations to work together and share resources to create original work. It funds each project through philanthropic gifts, and secures significant fixed cost resources from its collaborating partners.

Our charity runs on less than £25,000 a year, but it is capable of producing projects that cost up to £1 million. 

The charity is unique because it: 

  • Chooses the opera and the creative team, connecting the collaborative organisations and funding the development and construction of a production.

  • Puts philanthropy at the centre of the work as there are no fixed costs, such as full-time orchestra or upkeep of a building, thereby allocating 90% of funding directly into the stage production.

  • Attracts the support of philanthropists who want to make a transformational difference and know exactly where their money goes.

  • Supports arts organisations with limited resources for new work. It will only commission work where the full costs have been underwritten in advance, and offers an affordable ticketing structure to those who would not otherwise be able to attend the opera.

  • Has unique access to an unparalleled network of international collaborators, opera houses and festivals around the world, and is uniquely placed to collaborate and co-produce its work with other international organisations.