Our Mission

Artistically Ambitious - Flexible - Agile


Opera Ventures has been created by John Berry CBE and an exceptionally talented artistic team to transform the way that opera is produced. 

We know how powerful and moving live opera can be, so we want to make sure that it can be enjoyed by all. To do this, we're challenging the expensive production costs faced by opera houses with a model that creates exceptional opera at a fraction of the cost, engaging new audiences with affordable tickets. 

Opera Ventures seeks to: 

  • Develop major new opera and mixed media projects in partnership with arts organisations worldwide.

  • Work with leading directors and designers to produce exciting contemporary work.

  • Reach out to new audiences through an affordable ticketing structure.

  • Encourage arts organisations to work together and share resources to create original work.

We have the support of international arts organisations, directors, designers, composers, artists, philanthropists, consultants and businesses.  

"In these challenging economic times, arts organisations need to be more flexible and entrepreneurial to ensure that we can continue to bring world-class performances to the stage via innovative new partnerships - I am incredibly excited by this fresh approach." 

Fergus Lineham, Director, Edinburgh International Festival

“Through its technical expertise and artistic knowledge, Opera Ventures champions new productions and fosters the talent of contemporary opera makers. Their generous approach to collaboration ensures great opera for a greater audience.”

Katy Clark, President, Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM)


John Berry CBE, founder of Opera Ventures

John Berry CBE, founder of Opera Ventures